Our social responsibility



A, Human responsibility


Towards employees:
• By providing a competitive and challenging work environment to the employees.
• By having ethical recruitment, remuneration, promotion and other policies
• By providing opportunities to the employees to voice their opinion and complaints and have an effective policy for the solution of these complaints.
• Ensuring a safe working environment for the employees.
• Having fair policies for the solution of employee disputes.


Towards customers:
• By providing quality products to the customers at reasonable prices
• By undertaking constant research and development and coming up with innovative and more useful products from time to time

Towards investors:
• By giving the investors a true and fair picture of the financial condition of the business.
• By giving them due returns on the investment made by them.

Towards shareholders:
• By representing a fair picture of the company’s financial position and profit/loss to the shareholders
• By paying them a fair rate of dividend

Towards the government:
• By providing the necessary information to the government as and when required
• By making payment of the due taxes and duties at the proper time
• By abiding by the laws and regulations of the area in which the firm operates.
• Contributing to the economy through exports.

Towards suppliers:
• Making competitive payment to the suppliers for the products purchased from them.
• Maintaining a good relationship with the suppliers.

Towards competitors:
• Indulging in ethical and healthy competition

Towards society:
• Undertaking community development and area development programs.
• Undertaking charity work for the underprivileged sections of the society.
• By creating job opportunities.




B, Environmental responsibility.


Towards environment:
• Ensuring the purchase of environment-friendly supplies.
• Ensuring a pollution-free process of production
• Having an efficient system for the disposal of waste
• Making the product and the process of production as environment-friendly as possible.
• Adopting eco-friendly packaging.