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Eco-friendly Clothing

Eco-friendly Wholesale Clothing

Eco friendly garments mean that the whole process from raw materials, yarn, weaving, dyeing, cutting, sewing and packaging has minimum impact and damage to the environment.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown without fertilizers and pesticides that damage the soil and the ecological environment, and the garments are free of harmful chemicals.
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Bamboo Viscose

Bamboo grows every year and as it takes a few months can grow up from bamboo shoot underground. As sustainable plants which are widely distributed in China and natural growth in the mountains without any fertilizers and pesticides.
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Modal/Micro Modal

Model/micro modal fiber is made from European beech and produced by Austrian Lenzing company, The fabric of modal/micro modal has features of silk soft hand feel, drapability, breathable, durable and luxury look, it is one of the best of materials for making high-grade clothing.
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Recycled Material

Recycled fiber and yarn are made from used or scrapped stuffs, such as recycled polyester fiber is made from recycled plastic or plastic bottles which processed through cleaning, slice crushing, drawing wire into fiber.
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Benefits of Eco-friendly Clothing

Clothes that are eco friendly are made from sustainable and harmless materials which grow up without fertilizers and pesticides to avoid polluting soil and water.

To use environmentally friendly dyestuffs and auxiliaries in the process of fabric dyeing, wastewater would be treated and recycled for dyeing again. Not only does our eco garment has features of comfortable and healthy, but also we reduce the waste of resources and protect the environment.

Environmentally sustainable clothing is made from recycled materials. We recycle plastic bags and plastic bottles, clean them, slice them, draw them into fiber, and spin them into fabric, to reduce abandoned chemical products which will pollute the water and soil, seriously damaging the ecosystem.

When you buy our eco wear clothing, it means you support fair labor practices and are willing to protect the planet we live on as well.

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