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Recycled Material Clothing Manufacturer

In order to protect our earth for survival, to reduce the use of non-renewable resources and eliminate adverse environmental effects in the process of production, the use of renewable fiber is being paid more and more attention by people. Now basically recycled polyester, recycled cotton, and recycled polyamide, more and more renewable materials are used to make clothing and related accessories, such as sportswear, t-shirt, hats, etc.

Styles Of Recycled Material Clothing

Why Choose Recycled Material Clothing

Wearing clothes made from recycled fabric can bring the following advantages:

1. Reduce air pollution and save resources

General polyester fabric yarn is made from petroleum extraction, and environmental protection recycled PET fabric yarn is indeed made from waste bottles extraction, reducing the use of oil per ton of finished PET yarn can save 6 tons of oil, to reduce air pollution, control the greenhouse effect has made a certain contribution.

2. Eco-friendly

Environmental protection recycled PET fabric, why is it a type of environmentally friendly fabric? The main reason is that the clothes made from recycled fabric help improve waste utilization by effectively reducing waste, saving energy consumption, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions when compared to the conventional production of polyester fiber and saving nearly 80% of the energy.

The clothes using recycled materials are in line with the relevant standards of health and environmental protection, so they are loved by more and more countries in Europe, the United States, China, etc. It is widely used in some kinds of clothing, beanies, bags, etc. As a professional recycled fabric clothing manufacturer in China, Peony & Buyoh Co., Ltd is devoted to environmental protection and supplying eco-friendly clothing and products.

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