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Eco-friendly Custom Clothing

As a clothing brand, agency, sourcing/buying agent or importer who should rely on clothing manufacturers to do the following:

---Make samples according to your designs or tech packs

---Be able to recreate samples if you have reference samples 

---Giving advice on how your clothing could be made more sustainable materials or fabric, of course relate to our MOQ and your target prices.

---Offer suggestions on developing styles in reasonable pattern, measurements and sewing method base on your concepts.

---To develop styles and fabrics for new seasons, most of buyers have 2 or 3 or 4 seasons for their collections annually, the manufacturer would source or develop fabrics and accessories for apparel styles, and send you fabrics & accessories quality for approval, make lab-dips for approval, first proto samples for approval, sales samples (if need) and pre-productions samples for approval before process bulk production. 


To custom samples according to your Tech Packs

Clothing manufacturers are textile professionals which make different clothes all the time. They almost never rely on established and available templates or patterns.

However, if you have tech packs or other detailed instructions, then we can follow up all details to develop and make samples, Not only we can save time to make fabric, accessories and samples , but also to make proto samples correct as close as possible.

What is a Tech Pack ?

A tech pack is a document that contains technical information about the garments you want a clothing manufacturer to make for you. Here’s what tech packs include:

---Technical sketches of apparel front view, back view, all details incl. sewing method, placements of accessories etc.

---Fabrics: composition, yarn sizes, weight, density, prints details (if need) etc.

---Accessories details

---Measurements list (which size you like to make samples)

---Labels and hangtag details

---Packaging details ( paper box , plastic bag, and carton details etc)

---Delivery details

Technical sketches

Measurements list

To recreate samples base on your reference samples 

If you're an established brand and you're switching manufacturers. Maybe because you want to have garments factories which can work for your brand closer to your markets. You know, to reduce carbon footprint and all.  Or you're a startup and you want your product to be similar to an already existing one from other brands.

In the first case, when you send a garment template to your new  clothing manufacturer, they've got something tangible to understand exact what you want. Before you make decision on placing order to them, you're more likely to approve their counter sample.

In the second case, you take a lot of guesswork out of the question because there's an actual product with fabrics, sizes, shapes and other details waiting to be recreated. 

If you're still uncertain about garments fit, sewing quality, fabric quality and measurements, we are able to offer you one or more sizes solutions. Especially if you have a more specific target consumers.

As we have been in the business since 2004, we have a lot of experience on recreating new samples and bulk production according to your reference samples, whatever you want to make it exact same fit & quality or make innovative changes base on your reference samples.

To make samples base on our own styles 

If you don't have tech packs and reference samples, you can tell us your concepts, send reference pictures, target consumers and prices, then we'll give you suggestions on which styles and what kinds of fabric is best solution. Process as below

----Tell us which style you like, and send reference picture

----we'll work out solution base on your requests, send you cost of samples and unit price for bulk production and MOQ

----we'll make style sketches for you to check and approve it

----To process making samples

----To process bulk production after samples approval from buyers

Eco-friendly Clothing
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