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How About Modal Fabric Clothing?

Advantages of Modal Fabric

  • The raw material of Modal fiber comes from natural wood and can be naturally degraded after use.

  • Modal fiber is soft, smooth, and has bright colors. The fabric has a very smooth feel and a shiny appearance, and the drape is better than existing cotton, polyester, and artificial silk. It is a kind of natural silk-like fabric with silk-like luster and feel.

  • Modal fiber has the strength of synthetic fiber, with a dry strength of 35.6cn and a wet strength of 25.6cn, higher than pure cotton and polyester-cotton, reducing the phenomenon of broken ends in the processing.

  • The moisture absorption ability of Modal fiber is 50% higher than that of cotton fiber, making Modal fabric dry and breathable, which is an ideal fabric for close-fitting fabrics and beddings, and beneficial to human physiological circulation and health.

  • Compared with cotton fiber, Modal fiber has good shape and size stability, making the fabric naturally wrinkle-resistant and easy to wear.

  • Modal fiber has good dyeing performance, maintaining bright colors even after multiple washes. It is thoroughly moisture-absorbing and has good color fastness. Compared with pure cotton, it is more comfortable to wear and has no disadvantage of easy color fading and yellowing. Therefore, the fabric has bright colors and stable performance.

What Are the Advantages of Modal Clothes?

What are the advantages of Modal clothes, mainly reflected in which aspects?

  • Modal clothes is comfortable and dry. Modal fabric has a unique hydrophilic cross-sectional structure, which can produce a super cool feeling. When it comes into contact with the skin, it feels cool and comfortable.

  • Modal clothes has bright and long-lasting colors. Modal fabric has good color fastness, fast and thorough absorption of dyes, and is durable, and will not fade or lose brightness even after repeated washing.

  • Modal clothes has a silk-like feel. Modal fabric is a complete fine filament, and its longitudinal cross-sectional structure is smooth, making it soft and smooth like silk. It also has good drape, without the problem of cotton knots and silk wrinkles, and always maintains excellent drape and smooth beauty.

  • Modal clothes has strong environmental protection performance. Modal fabric clothing has passed the stringent European Oeko-tex100 standards from refining to manufacturing, and will not cause harm to humans and nature. It meets the four major requirements of today's humans for non-toxicity, harmlessness, and pollution. Therefore, when you wear underwear containing Modal fiber, you will definitely feel cool.

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