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Bamboo Viscose Underwear

Bamboo viscose underwear, we have two kinds of conventional composition, including 95% bamboo viscose 5% spandex single jersey and 68% bamboo viscose 27% cotton, 5% spandex, both fabrics have performance of super soft, cool, breathable, anti-bacterial, odor resistent, eco-friendly etc,  this is why we choose the bamboo fiber as one of the preferred fabric for our underwear products lines. 

In particular, as a renewable man-made fiber, the impact on the ecological environment has been minimized, which is our advocacy of sustainable development. In the terms of bamboo viscose underwear designs, we are more concerned about the combination of comfort and looking, so as to wear both comfortable and fashionable sexy. About the sewing, we use 4 needle flat lock, 3 needle flat lock, double needle, overlock and other sewing methods, to ensure that the bamboo viscose briefs are durable wearing, comfortable and beautiful.

Bamboo Underwear Women
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