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What Impact Does Modal Fabric Clothing Have on the Environment?

Modal fabric is an eco-friendly fabric, and is considered the second generation of viscose rayon. However, it is usually regarded as lighter than viscose fibers, which has led to its use in sportswear. The base material for Modal is cellulose from trees such as oak, birch and beech trees.

Environmental impact of Modal fabric clothing

Some people call Modal a modern sustainable product, while others question its ethical production and environmental impact. As for the fabric itself, it can be said to be a very environmentally friendly product. But the production process of Modal fabric clothing has raised some questions.

  • Chemicals: One objection raised is the use of various chemicals in the process. Modal production not only uses some chemicals, but also affects workers involved in the process, such as sulfuric acid. Fortunately, the entire manufacturing process is a closed loop system. This means that any chemicals used in the process will not be discarded into the environment, but can be reused. The only minimal emission is also harmless.

  • Biodegradable: Although it is semi-synthetic, Modal fiber is completely biodegradable. Therefore, it is also often praised as a sustainable textile. The production chemicals used are also biodegradable.

  • Low water consumption: Another important aspect of the production of Modal fabric clothing is its incredibly low water consumption during production. Compared with cotton, its water consumption is only 1/20 of the latter. This means that Modal's carbon footprint is also much lower than other fabrics. In the final stage, Modal fabric clothing also does not require much water for washing.

Care instructions for Modal fabric clothing

Modal is a widely used fabric that can be easily cleaned in a washing machine. When washing Modal fabric clothing, it is best to use cold water, although you can wash it at any temperature, as cold water can prevent any shrinkage. Modal fibers do not require dry cleaning and can be tumble dried. If you need to use a dryer, use a medium to low heat. If you need to, ironing is not a problem for Modal. Finally, we do not recommend using bleach on Modal fabric clothing. However, sometimes you cannot avoid bleaching. Therefore, if you need to bleach Modal fabric clothing, be sure to use an oxygen-based bleach and not a chlorine-based bleach.

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