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What is Organic Cotton Apparel?

Many people will ask questions about organic cotton apparel, sustainable fabrics, and natural fibers. They're all interrelated, however for all those people who do not know anything about fabric, here's a summary of our most frequently asked questions. What does "Organic cotton apparel" mean? From the vegetables in the fridge to the clothes in the closet, organically grown crops are grown with GMO-free seeds and follow the practices that keep soil healthy, conserve water, and support biodiversity. Therefore the organic cotton apparel is apparel made from organically grown fibers. So is cotton clothing sustainable? Is organic cotton better?

1. What is organic cotton apparel?

When it comes to organic cotton versus cotton, the difference in production. Conventional cotton uses 15% of the pesticides in the world. Certified organic cotton growing prohibits the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides, and genetically modified crops. Therefore the organic cotton is better for farmers, consumers, and all living things. Organic cotton apparel must be certified by GOTS or OCS.

What is organic cotton fabric? Let's list some basic organic cotton facts: non-GM, pesticide-free, low-water crop. Organic cotton starts with non-genetically modified (GM) seeds that do not contain toxic chemicals, pesticides, or contaminants that can be harmful to farmers and ecosystems. Organic cotton is grown mainly with rainwater rather than irrigation water. The cotton will be certified organic if it can meet all these criteria. 100% of our cotton is certified organic.

Is organic cotton much softer? That's what people usually think, however, the hand feel is really no different. The only way to know if some items are made of organic cotton is to read the fabric detail label inside the garment. Therefore it is better to take a look at the fabric detail label when buying men's organic cotton garments and women's organic cotton garments.

2. Organic cotton apparel can save medical fees

It can reduce the chances of exposure to allergens and other skin diseases by using organic cotton apparel, you can feel more comfortable when you wear the clothes and worry less about health and medical issues. And you can save on buying medication or in the worst case expensive hospital or even surgical treatment for skin problems. You can also help farmers to save money when you use organic cotton apparel because the farmworkers are no longer exposed to dangerous pesticides and chemicals, they will be healthier and they do not have to worry about medical issues and bills like you do.

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