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How Should Organic Cotton Tee Shirts Be Maintained?

1. Can I use a fabric conditioner or softener to wash my organic cotton tee shirt?

No, you should not use any unnatural conditioners or softeners on organic cotton tee shirts. organic cotton tee shirts are soft because they are made in a way that makes them super soft and doesn't require any chemicals. If you do use these chemicals, they can make organic cotton tee shirts sticky, rough, and waterproof. Ideally, your organic cotton tee should absorb moisture quickly, but also dry quickly, which is part of what makes your skin breathe so well in an organic cotton tee.

An easy DIY trick is to make your own fabric softener using a mixture of white vinegar and natural essential oils. This will help clean the organic cotton tee without changing its softness or absorbency. We recommend using eco-friendly, biodegradable or plant-based fabric softeners. Always read labels when washing to check for other ingredients in laundry products.

2. How can I keep my organic cotton tee shirt smelling fresh without washing it?

One of the best ways to keep organic cotton tee shirts fresh in your closet is to dip some cotton balls in a few drops of an essential oil of your choice and place them in your closet near your shirts. This will keep your organic cotton tee shirts smelling fresh and organic. If you like floral scents and have some dried flowers or herbs on hand, you can make your own potpourri sachets. Throw the flowers in a small mesh bag and hang them in the closet. For best results, make sure your closet is well ventilated. This will help prevent mold, fungus or bacteria from getting on all your clothes. It also refreshes organic cotton tee shirts by hanging them outdoors, not only while you're drying them, but if they've been in a closet or drawer for a while, you need to let them "breathe".

3. How to remove cooking oil or oil stains from organic cotton tee shirts?

Take a blotter, rag, or kitchen towel and place it over and under the stained area. This way, the stain will get caught in the middle. Iron on it and wait for the grease to transfer to the blotting paper. As an alternative, you can sprinkle some baking soda on the stain, let it sit for a few minutes until the grease dissolves, and then you can wash the organic cotton tee as usual.

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