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What are the characteristics of bamboo fiber pajamas?

In an ideal world, you would know how clothes are made, where they are made, and how they affect the planet before they get into your closet. However, many of us don't know about the stories behind the clothes we buy and wear. A lot of people buy clothes that don't fit well, exacerbate their skin allergies, and don't feel comfortable at all. Material is especially important for pajamas, you need to choose the best clothes.

Ⅰ. About bamboo viscose pajamas

Today, bamboo pajamas are attracting attention because their quality is superior to those of other materials such as cotton and silk, from superior temperature management to enhanced moisture-wicking. Here's how bamboo pajamas help you sleep better.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of bamboo viscose pajamas

1. Soft: Bamboo fiber is made with as little harmless chemical treatment as possible, turning into a smooth and soft material. Bamboo viscose pajamas are gentle on the skin.

2. Breathable: When you rest, your body temperature will gradually increase. Therefore, it is important to wear pajamas that dissipate heat as effectively as possible. Bamboo fabric contains micro gaps that allow air to pass through the fabric. Increased airflow means more moisture absorption and ventilation, which means you'll be more comfortable while sleeping in your bamboo pajamas.

3. Hypoallergenic: If you are prone to allergies, bamboo pajamas have a transformative effect on the way you sleep at night. Sleepwear made from other materials may cause irritation or other negative reactions due to their synthetic composition. The viscose fiber used in bamboo viscose pajamas is an all-natural fiber that has the ability to fight dust mites, which is a great source of allergy.

4. Antibacterial: As a plant, bamboo contains a natural antibacterial agent called "bamboo grate", which ensures that no bacteria can survive on it. This makes bamboo fabrics naturally antibacterial. In addition to reducing the chance of bacteria multiplying on your body, bamboo pajamas can also help keep odors at bay.

5. Eco-friendly: Bamboo is one of the most sustainable natural resources. Every year, it continuously grows new shoots from the dense root system and naturally grows into bamboo with a height of 10-20 meters, without artificial planting. Also, it requires very little water to grow (about 1/3 less than cotton). Bamboo does not require fertilizers and pesticides, it actually provides benefits to the soil in which it grows.

6. Low maintenance: Bamboo fabric is strong and durable and requires low maintenance. Bamboo viscose pajamas are machine-washable and get dry very quickly.

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