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Classification and Precautions for Using Bamboo Viscose Underwear

Introduction to bamboo viscose underwear

Producing bamboo viscose underwear requires excellent knitting technology, as well as high industry standards for material dyeing and stitching. It is important to emphasize that there is a fundamental difference between bamboo viscose underwear and cheap "bamboo charcoal bras" or "chemically extracted fiber bras" that appear on the market. The latter often use softeners to make ordinary materials as soft as bamboo viscose underwear, but these undergarments are not only ineffective, but also harmful to the body. How to distinguish: genuine bamboo viscose underwear has a delicate and fluffy texture, using seamless knitting technology, with meticulous production and exquisite stitching; while counterfeit bamboo viscose underwear is rough, especially "soft", mostly made using splicing technology, and has a short service life.

Classification of bamboo viscose underwear

Bamboo viscose underwear is classified by function:

  • Shaping underwear. Shaping underwear, also known as "basic underwear", aims to lift, support, and tighten the body by using materials and cutting to address women's body flaws.

  • Health underwear. Health underwear, also known as "practical underwear", has practical and warming effects. It is mostly made of cotton knitted shirts and pants and is usually worn between basic underwear and outerwear.

  • Decorative underwear. Decorative underwear has weaker shaping and health effects, mainly for beautification and decoration purposes.

Bamboo viscose underwear is classified by pressure level: In order to reshape the body, underwear usually uses elastic materials to adjust the body's curves. For different people, the tightness of the underwear is different, especially for shaping underwear. From the perspective of the wearing effect and pressure of shaping underwear, underwear can be divided into light pressure, medium pressure, and heavy pressure.

Precautions for using bamboo viscose underwear

  • Do not vigorously rub and pull the product when using bamboo viscose underwear, simply twist it gently.

  • Avoid soaking and sun exposure for a long time. Bamboo fiber products have a high degree of hollowness and many large and small gaps inside, which can instantly evaporate a lot of moisture. They have good moisture absorption, moisture release, and air permeability, so they dry quickly.

  • It is best to wash products with large color differences separately. Slight color fading during initial product use is normal.

  • Avoid ironing, and try not to exceed a water temperature of 70°C when washing and using. We usually use ordinary towels and hang them indoors, which is prone to the growth of bacteria and mold and can cause the towels to rot. After a period of time, we will soak and disinfect them with hot water, but bamboo fiber does not need to worry about this because it has antibacterial and bacteriostatic effects. Therefore, bamboo viscose underwear does not need to be heated for disinfection and sterilization.

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