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What Are the Benefits of Modal Fabric Clothing?

People often question the sustainability and environmental friendliness of Modal fabric, but it's worth investigating. While this fabric comes from plants, it still requires the use of chemicals and dyes in the manufacturing process. Deforestation is also another challenge, especially when companies don't consider sustainable forests in their production process. These raise questions about the true meaning of sustainable Modal fabrics and their impact on the environment.

Introduction to modal fabric clothing

In general, the environmental friendliness of modal clothing largely depends on each company and their process. We can consider the manufacturing process, such as the source of pulp, chemical types, and how manufacturers treat wastewater. For example, compared to cotton, Modal fabric reduces water usage by around 10 to 20 times. This is because the beech tree requires less water than cotton. As a result, the carbon footprint is smaller than cotton. One study showed that the carbon footprint decreased by 60% and energy consumption decreased by 50% from spinning and dyeing the Modal fabric. It also only uses 50% of the water compared to traditional dyed fabrics. Additionally, it reduces its environmental impact by about 40 to 60% compared to such fabrics.

Advantages of modal fabric clothing

Water absorption

Modal fabric clothing has water absorption, making it a great choice for clothing such as sportswear and underwear.

Soft feel

One ideal characteristic of Modal fabric is its soft feel. This means that Modal clothing feels good on the skin.

Environmental friendliness: Compared to other synthetic silk fibers such as viscose, Modal fabric clothing is an environmentally friendly choice. It uses fewer chemicals to manufacture, and it comes from regenerated plants. When Modal is produced with the environment in mind, fewer toxic waste materials are generated during the extraction of cellulose fibers.


Modal fabric is biodegradable. This means that it can decompose, avoiding pollution in landfills.

Unlikely to shrink

Compared to viscose synthetic silk, Modal fabric clothing is less likely to shrink when washed, even if you use a washing machine.

Breathable and elastic

Modal fabric is breathable and elastic. These characteristics make it suitable for everyday clothing and sportswear.

Durable and anti-pilling

Modal clothing fabric is strong and can withstand wear and tear.

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