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Organic Cotton Underwear is Better for Us

Do you know what is our underwear made of? We have heard a lot about "Cotton is the best fabric for garments". But is 100% organic cotton the best choice? Why should we choose organic cotton underwear over conventional cotton or synthetic fabrics?

1. The organic cotton underwear is soft and durable

Since underwear is worn directly on us, it is best to use the most natural and gentle fabrics. Organic cotton underwear is friendly to the skin and is the most breathable material. And long-term wearing and washing will make organic cotton underwear softer.

Organic cotton is also grown on a much smaller scale than traditional cotton, and it is usually grown by individual farmers. Organic cotton crops are usually picked by hand (much gentler than mechanical harvesting), which preserves the fibers so that they will not weaken or break, resulting in longer cotton threads (longer equals softer). Moreover, natural cotton underwear has not been treated with any harmful chemicals, so it is more durable.

2. Wearing organic cotton underwear is healthier

Many clothing materials now contain chemicals, because in the process of growing cotton, people who grow them usually use many chemicals (insecticides, herbicides, and pesticides). The harmful substances in these pesticides will eventually enter the finished product and be absorbed by our body.

Cotton is known for its breathability, but organic cotton is not even polluted by added chemicals, so it is a better choice for you. Synthetic fibers (nylon, polyester, etc.) cannot circulate air, nor can they retain heat on the skin. Do you feel more prone to sweating or uncomfortable when wearing certain clothes? Please look at its label at this time, synthetic fiber may be the reason. Synthetic underwear is made of non-renewable petrochemical and fossil fuel materials, and emits harmful emissions and waste from production to disposal. These fabrics have undergone too much chemical treatment, and the absorption properties are weakened, so the breathability and water absorption of these fabrics are very poor. On the contrary, organic cotton underwear that does not contain synthetic fibers is made of natural fabrics, which allows your skin to breathe freely, so that your body can stay dry and at the same time there are fewer harmful bacteria breeding.

Organic cotton underwear can reduce the growth of bacteria, which means it can avoid problems such as bacterial and yeast infections. In addition, the chemicals used in textile crops not only affect our planet, but toxins are also present in the environment we live in, the food we eat and the clothes we wear.

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