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Modal Clothing Features

Still Maintaining an Excellent Soft Touch

Firstly, when you put on clothing made with Lenzing Modal yarn, you will naturally experience an unforgettable soft feeling. This considerate and warm feeling will accompany you constantly as long as you wear Modal clothing. In fact, even if this clothing is frequently washed, it can still maintain that soft and comfortable feeling, and it will stay new-like for a long time, just like new clothes.

Let Your Skin Enjoy Unprecedented Comfort

This type of fiber yarn not only has 50% higher moisture absorption than cotton but also has a very fast moisture absorption rate. This advantage makes Modal yarn the best material for close-fitting clothing, with especially ideal effects, including daily and evening wear, sportswear, casual wear, thick cotton (denim), and home textiles that require a soft surface, such as bed sheets and towels. Even with frequent washing, Lenzing Modal can still maintain its consistent water absorption ability and soft feeling, relying on the smooth surface of the fibers, which can prevent the fibers from tangling during washing.

Lenzing Modal Underwear - The Second Skin of Humans

Underwear is in direct contact with the skin and plays an important role in the skin's health. Underwear made with Modal products has higher moisture absorption, softness, and good air permeability than pure cotton fabrics and has a silk-like luster. When worn, it gives people a smooth, soft, relaxed, and comfortable feeling. At the same time, Modal products are natural fibers, giving people a feeling of returning to nature. They are not irritating to the skin and have become the preferred product in the underwear market. Therefore, Modal is well-deserved to be called the second skin of humans.

The Color Becomes More Brilliant and Maintains the Softness and Smoothness of the Fabric

Do you have a special preference for colors? If so, your dream can now come true: no matter if you like bright or soft and dark floral colors, Lenzing Modal can bring you long-lasting shiny colors, because its materials can quickly and thoroughly absorb dyes. The fabric is soft and smooth. Whether it is made only of Lenzing Modal or mixed with other fibers, soft and shiny fibers are the best material for any clothing. Clothing made from them is visually more outstanding than cotton and can achieve a silk-like effect.

Application for Lenzing Modal Product Tags

To ensure the high quality and image of the fabric developed by using Modal fibers and to prevent the market image of Modal products from being affected by improper processing and use, Lenzing AG in Austria provides a globally unified Modal clothing tag for all users of Modal products. Any clothing made with Modal products must be hung with the Modal tag to be recognized by global consumers. Only clothing hung with the Modal tag can promote and use the Modal brand. The application conditions and process are as follows:

For all fabrics applying for Modal hangtags, the content of MODAL fiber in the product must not be less than 35%.

To apply for the Modal hangtag, processed and matured fabrics must be provided first. Fiber-using enterprises recognized by Lenzing AG must send the fabrics to Lenzing AG through domestic agents for testing. Only products that meet the standards can be provided with the hangtags by Lenzing AG.

Lenzing AG conducts inspections on the use of Modal hangtags in the market. If counterfeit behavior is found, the provision of hangtags will be terminated.

Special Notice: Users who need Modal hangtags must submit their application 1-2 months in advance. They must provide finished fabrics or samples, and indicate the proportion of sample ingredients as well as the manufacturer, contact address, and contact information.

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