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Pantone Publishes A List Of Colors And Trends Every Year, And Recently Released Its Top 10 Colors For Fall 2021-2022

PANTONE, the world's most authoritative color agency, publishes a list of colors and trends every year, and recently released its top 10 colors for fall 2021-2022.

Pantone Top10 colors

These vibrant and life-like colors. For our product, plane, space and clothing design. Provides more space for inspiration.

Pantone Indigo

Indigo Bunting

Indigo bunting, 80% high frequency appearance rate of blue. Calm, atmospheric, composed and serene, always intoxicating. Become one of autumn and winter popular color and modern classic plane color trend.

Pantone Beach Glass

Sea glass blue

Beach glass, sea glass blue. It's like sunlight shining on water, with the wind blowing the ripples. The water had a shimmering color. That's what seaside glass blue looks like.

Pirouette pirouette


Pirouette, "Ballet Powder" is clear and elegant. Light and bright and dignitary eye - raising texture. The hint of pink gives a dreamy girl feeling, add a touch of tenderness.

Blue Atoll

Blue atoll, the colors of the sea mingled with heat and coolness. It's the most real, free color. It's bright, real, and so high class.


Illuminating, sunny, clear, cheerful and optimistic yellow. It's amazing. It's the color of the year

Lava Falls

Lava falls, since ancient times, red has been the representative color of enthusiasm. Lava flows red in 2021. "Is to look as well as strength, like a rock stream."


Marigold, the color named for the marigold orange. Represents romance, visually gives a person with comfortable feeling and the warmth of the orange hue. It is to bring people into the warm space.

Orange Ochre

Orange ochre, "Tangerine" with some brownish tones. It is a simple and not vulgar visual color. Warm colors, warm heart.

Pickled Pepper

Pickled pepper, it's a familiar ingredient in our life. Suddenly became the representative of the popular color. Cool, crisp green with a touch of gardening. Not just visually stimulating. Give a person a kind of sour and hot feeling.

Purple Rose

Purple rose, the proud rose exudes nobility and mystery. Purple roses amplify this attribute. It creates calmness, peace and dignity.

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