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Features of Eco-friendly Clothing

Do you want to learn about different types of eco-friendly clothing? The benefits of eco-friendly clothing include protecting the environment and protecting the health of you and your family and friends. Eco-friendly clothing is very comfortable and fashionable to wear, and the price is relatively reasonable.

1. Eco-friendly clothing suitable for all occasions

Eco-friendly clothing is not limited to women's clothing, and you can also find eco-friendly clothing suitable for men, children, and even toddlers and babies. In addition, there are eco-friendly clothing suitable for various occasions, including underwear, sportswear, office clothes, pajamas and even wedding dresses. The variety is rich and diverse and can meet people's needs of life.

2. The characteristics of eco-friendly clothing

For the eco-friendly clothing, the carbon footprint it leaves in the environment should be the smallest in the process of planting, production, use or disposal.

First of all, the fabrics used to make eco-friendly clothing are usually made of non-petroleum-derived fibers. These fibers already exist naturally in the environment -- usually in plants or animals, so they are biodegradable. These plant and animal resources are usually renewable, and in turn are cultivated in a controlled environment using eco-friendly and sustainable farming techniques, such as the use of organic fertilizers with no pesticides, rotation, no over-farming and no over-grazing. Eco-friendly clothing is usually made of recycled materials (e.g. recycled plastics, recycled fabrics), so this process helps to divert some waste from the waste management system and reduce the use of original materials.

Secondly, eco-friendly clothing is not processed with any harmful or synthetic chemicals (such as synthetic dyes or chemical-based finishing agents). For example, ecological textiles are usually not dyed or are made of natural colored fibers, such as cotton. Eco-friendly clothing requires less water and energy in the production process, and produces less waste and pollution.

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Eco-friendly Clothing
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