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Why Choose Modal Fabric Clothing?

Understanding Modal

Modal was originally developed as a substitute for silk fabric. It is a soft and luxurious material that can be used alone or combined with other fibers to create an incredibly durable material. In recent years, Modal has become popular in sustainable fashion brands and the slow fashion industry. So, what are the benefits of wearing Modal fabric clothing?

Benefits of wearing Modal clothes


Modal has a super soft and smooth feel, which is why it is often used to make bed sheets, pajamas, and underwear. Because Modal is a very delicate fabric, it won't give you the scratchy feeling you get when wearing wool or cotton. No matter how active or busy your lifestyle is, Modal can help you stay comfortable.


Breathable fabrics are essential as the weather gets warmer. Luckily, Modal fabric clothing is woven to be highly breathable, making it very comfortable and convenient to wear. The natural properties of beechwood pulp also promote a lot of breathability, which is why Modal is often used for yoga pants, cycling shorts, and even swimwear.


Modal has an impressive durability due to its tightly woven structure and long fibers, making it an excellent choice for frequently used household items and clothing. This strength helps Modal resist potential damage from long-term wear and tear, which is also why the fabric's color lasts longer than most other natural materials.


Modal's flexibility is another characteristic that makes it an ideal fabric for sportswear and casual wear. Modal clothes made of this material can withstand years of continuous wear and tear. This elastic element, combined with Modal's comfort and durability, eventually creates a triple threat fabric that you want to wear on any occasion.

Good water absorbency

Cotton is often the first choice of fabric for absorbing moisture, but the fact is that Modal's water absorbency is actually 50% higher than cotton's—crazy, right? The micro-pores inside Modal can absorb any water or sweat that comes into contact with it, so you don't have to deal with wet clothes during your daily exercise or when you naturally sweat all day.

Not easy to fade

Because Modal fabric clothing has such excellent water absorbency, its fibers accept and hold dye very well. Modal rarely bleeds during washing, even if the item is new and has not been washed before.

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