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Bamboo Pajama+Loungewear

Knitted bamboo pajamas set made  in 95% bamboo 5%spandex single jerey, or 92%modal micro 8%spandex for men, women and kids, base on character of bamboo: luxury soft, anti-bacterial, anti-odor and thermal. Whatever relaxation at home or sleep in bed, you always have fantastic experience on it.

Mens Bamboo Pajama
Womens Bamboo Pajama
Women's Long Pants Slacks

Benefits of Bamboo Pajamas

1. Antibacterial and uv resistant

The thermal pajamas of the home wear series has good antibacterial performance. The bamboo fiber extracted from bamboo well retains the bamboo quinone, which has features of natural anti-bacterial and odor resistant, The Japan Textile Inspection Association found that the bacteriostatic rate reached 71% in 24 hours and harmful bacteria were killed in 40 minutes. SGS found that bacteria proliferated in pure cotton, and 75% of bamboo fibers were killed in 24 hours. This is other textile raw materials do not have. The UV penetration rate of bamboo fiber is 6 parts per 10,000, and that of cotton is 25 parts per 10,000. The UV resistance of bamboo fiber is 417 times that of cotton.

2. Moisture-absorbing air is soft and warm

The cross section of bamboo fiber pajamas is concave and convex deformation, full of approximate elliptic pores, its water absorption is three times that of cotton fiber, which make your skin always maintains comfortable and clean. Bamboo fiber textile has fine unit fineness, soft feel, strong toughness and wear resistance, stable and good drape. To take full care of your skin. Bamboo fiber textile used in seasons of summer and autumn, make people feel especially cool, breathable. To wear bamboo pajamas in seasons of winter and spring make you feel fluffy, comfortable, warm and eliminate excess moisture in the body. That’s why The bamboo fiber pajamas have performances of making you warm in winter and cool in summer which is unmatched by other fibers.

3. Beauty and health care

Bamboo viscose fiber of pajamas is fineness, good whiteness, dyed elegant color, bright luster, elegant and generous, with a natural simple elegant texture. Bamboo's natural beauty function, natural mite prevention, odor prevention, insect prevention produces anion characteristics.


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