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Do you know about modal clothing?

How is modal clothing made

Modal development offers higher wet strength than ordinary viscose. Modal clothing feels silky soft on the skin, but is durable and colorfast after dyeing, making it an ideal choice for many garments. Modal has become a popular fabric for underwear and casual wear. Modal was developed in Japan in the 1950s. The top brands use Lenzing Modal, which is manufactured only in Austria and uses eco-friendly processes throughout production.

Modal, a synthetic fabric, is made from beech wood chips pulp. Its natural component makes it a breathable fabric that is suitable for close-fitting garments. The silky, shiny appearance of Modal clothing masks its inability to absorb sweat and allows the skin to breathe freely.

Introduction to modal clothing

Modal fiber is often blended with cotton for use in clothing. The resulting fabric gives Modal clothing a sturdier feel and makes cotton look lighter. Clothes made from this blend of natural and synthetic fibers are cool and breathable. Cotton-modal fabric usually has good drape around the body, so clothes made from this blend of fabrics are often cut loose and flowing. The fabric influences the style and makes many modal tops and dresses more light and airy.

Modal and cotton-modal blends can be mixed with other fibers, such as spandex, to provide elasticity. These are ideal choices for casual wear and for garments such as yoga that require stretch. Though spandex is not breathable, only a small amount of 5% to 10% is needed to provide the necessary elasticity, so it does not affect the overall breathability of modal clothing. Modal clothing does not trap body heat, making it suitable for moderate activity.

Introduction to modal underwear

Modal fabric is highly durable and retains its shape and smoothness even after frequent washing, making it a good choice for underwear. Its soft texture also makes it suitable for close-fitting garments. Modal underwear is often blended with elastic fibers and cotton, but it remains breathable. Unlike garments made from synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester, Modal underwear does not absorb sweat and odor. Modal has 50% higher water absorption than cotton, so clothes do not feel sweaty and sticky.

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