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Washing Methods for Modal Fabric Clothing

Made of cellulose fiber, Modal is a pure artificial fiber belonging to the same category as artificial cotton. It is produced through a special spinning process using wood pulp made from beech trees in Europe. Modal products are mostly used in the production of underwear because of their excellent softness and moisture absorption, but their fabrics lack stiffness.

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Issues with Modal Clothes

  • Is Modal breathable? Yes, due to the fabric's weaving, it is very breathable, making it perfect for wearing as everyday clothing during travels.

  • What distinguishes Modal fabric from cotton? Compared to cotton fabric, Modal can be considered a more luxurious option. Modal fabric has a 50% higher water absorption rate than cotton but is softer to the touch, like silk.

  • Is Modal a natural fiber? Modal is a soft artificial fiber made from natural materials that can be fully biodegraded. Modal is considered a sustainable textile and is often used as a substitute for cotton.

  • Is Modal clothes suitable for sensitive skin? Since Modal is made from the cellulose in plant cell walls, it has a very soft feel and is a good solution for people with sensitive skin.

  • Does Modal clothes shrink in the dryer? Unlike other forms of synthetic silk, Modal is much less likely to shrink in the dryer. To prevent shrinkage, it is recommended to hang Modal clothes to dry, or if you prefer to use a dryer, use a lower temperature.

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Understanding the Washing Methods for Modal Fabric Clothing

There are some common sense tips to washing Modal fabric clothing. For example, this fabric is not suitable for dry cleaning and is only suitable for washing with water. The ironing temperature for Modal can be controlled at around 120 to 140°C. Here are the washing methods for Modal fabric clothing:

  • Modal fabric clothing is suitable for washing with water and cannot be dry-cleaned. It should be soaked in water. The soaking time should not exceed 15 minutes, otherwise the dirt in the washing solution may seep back in.

  • Modal fabric clothing can be machine washed, but the water temperature should not be too high. Hand washing is recommended.

  • Due to the fiber characteristics of Modal fabric, the fabric will become slightly harder when it comes into contact with water. It is recommended to machine wash or hand wash gently and avoid excessive friction.

  • When washing Modal fabric clothing, it is best to use neutral or low-alkaline detergents and avoid using fabric softeners.

  • After washing with laundry detergent, rinse with clean water to prevent the detergent from remaining on the fabric and causing discoloration or yellowing of the fabric.

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