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Why Wear Modal Fabric Clothing?

Understanding Modal Fabric Clothing

Modal is a type of wood pulp fiber from the beech tree, also known as Modal or sometimes called Mudal. Modal fabric has no harmful effects on the skin and can naturally decompose, making it environmentally friendly. Modal can be made into pure fabric, blended or interwoven with cotton, polyester, and other materials, giving it a silky luster, soft texture, good drape, excellent dimensional stability, and durability. Once it hit the market, Modal became popular and is now a favorite for underwear and fashion clothing. The raw material for Modal fabric clothing is pure natural beech wood, but Modal is not a natural fiber; it is an artificial fiber and a green textile, a semi-synthetic plant-based fabric. It is softer and stronger than cotton and consumes much less water during production and cleaning. This fabric is made from the pulp-based cellulose fibers which are extracted from European Beech Trees.

Reasons to Wear Modal Fabric Clothing

  • Modal fabric clothing has a good softness and absorbency, and is very lightweight and delicate. Therefore, in the early days, Modal was primarily used for knitwear and was widely used in the underwear industry. Modal weaving is very breathable and more water absorbent. Moreover, because of its soft and smooth texture, it is a popular choice for sportswear and underwear.

  • Modal fibers have the characteristics of softness, smoothness, and vibrant colors, so Modal fabric has a special smooth feel, bright surface gloss, and good drape compared to existing cotton, polyester, and other fabrics. It has a silky luster and texture, with excellent silk-like effects.

  • Modal fabric clothing is highly absorbent, colorfast, and more comfortable to wear than pure cotton.

  • After use, Modal fabric clothing can naturally degrade, causing no harm to the environment, which is in line with the global ecological concept.

  • Modal fabric clothing has the strength and toughness of synthetic fibers, with dry strength of 35.6cn and wet strength of 25.6cn, so Modal fabric rarely breaks or tears during textile production and printing and dyeing processes. Modal is an elastic fabric that perfectly retains its shape while remaining soft and elastic, providing free movement for extended periods. Due to its elasticity and breathability, it feels very comfortable to wear.

  • Modal fabric clothing has good absorbency, keeping wearers dry and comfortable.

  • Modal fabric clothing has natural wrinkle resistance and does not require ironing, making it more convenient and natural to wear.

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