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The Difference Between Bamboo Fiber Clothing and Modal Clothes

Bamboo fiber and modal are both fabrics that are very suitable for skin contact. Many people are actually very conflicted when choosing between these two fabrics, as each has its own unique characteristics, making it difficult to choose.

Which is better, bamboo fiber clothing or modal clothes?

In terms of comfort and health, bamboo viscose clothing has antibacterial and deodorizing effects and good breathability. Modal clothes, on the other hand, are simply soft, while bamboo fiber combines all these advantages in one. Therefore, it is recommended to choose bamboo viscose clothing. Modal clothes have a good feel, are absorbent, fluffy, soft, and stay soft even after multiple washings, prolonging the life of underwear. Bamboo fiber absorbs sweat quickly and also has some antibacterial and deodorizing effects, making it more commonly used in women's products.

What are the differences between bamboo fiber and modal?

Bamboo fiber is divided into bamboo original fiber and bamboo pulp fiber. Bamboo original fiber is extracted directly from the bamboo itself, like a hemp rope, while bamboo pulp fiber, like modal fiber, belongs to the category of viscose fibers, which are regenerated cellulose fibers. It can only be said that bamboo viscose clothing is made from bamboo, which is the raw material, and the technology is more functional. However, modal clothes are made from wood, and the fiber strength is higher, and the wet state stability is stronger. In principle, modal can be considered as the second-generation technology of viscose fibers, and the texture of the finished clothing is stronger.

Bamboo fiber clothing is widely used in fields such as clothing fabrics, sheets, cool mats, curtains, scarves, etc. They can also be blended with cotton, hemp, wool, silk, and other fabrics. In medical care, bamboo charcoal fibers are also widely used. Modal clothes are commonly used in fields such as knitted and woven fabrics, underwear, women's coats, sportswear, and household textiles.

Characteristics of bamboo viscose clothing

Super strong adsorption: Bamboo charcoal has an adsorption capacity more than 5 times that of wood charcoal, and it can absorb and decompose odors and deodorize harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and ammonia. 2. Emit far-infrared rays, retain heat and keep warm: the far-infrared ray emission rate is as high as 0.87, and bamboo fiber clothing can retain heat and keep warm, with faster warming than ordinary cotton fabrics. It can also regulate humidity, achieving the effect of dehumidification and drying: the high balance regain and water retention rate of bamboo charcoal fibers give them the ability to regulate humidity. 3. High emission concentration of negative ions, high mineral content, and special health functions: bamboo charcoal fibers contain minerals such as potassium, calcium, which are beneficial to health.

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