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The Benefits of Organic Cotton Garments

If you have allergies or skin disease from the clothes you wear, it's time for you to reconsider and change to buy the different fabric or clothing material. It can avoid all kinds of skin diseases when you start to buy organic cotton.

Informally, organic cotton means growing cotton crops without using fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic chemicals. The cotton trees will not be sprayed or treated with any chemicals by means of this growing method. They can only rely on approved organic farming methods. Therefore, organic cotton growing is conducive to maintaining soil fertility and harvesting cotton without chemicals, resulting in forming a sustainable environment. Conventional cotton growing methods not only harm the environment but also harm the people who grow this kind of cotton. In addition to this, there are more benefits to wearing organic cotton apparels.

1. Organic cotton apparel is environmentally friendly and safe

Organic cotton apparel originated in an agricultural and environmentally friendly mode. Organic cotton production uses less carbon because it uses less fuel and energy consumption. It also can protect against water pollution due to it undergoes chemical-free production and the health of the workers is not harmed. In the end, excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides will also cause irreparable damage to the environment. Organic cotton apparel products are safer because manufacturers follow very strict manufacturing standards. Organic cotton apparel minimizes the negative impact on the environment.

2. Organic cotton garments prevents allergies and skin problems

Organic cotton garments have no chemical residue; Therefore, people with allergies or special chemical sensitivities will greatly get the benefit from using organic cotton in clothing fabrics. Even if you do not have allergies or chemical sensitivities, you will also feel more comfortable wearing organic cotton apparel on your skin.  In addition, most people who are loyal to organic cotton apparel should know that it smells better than the usual cotton type.

3. The cost of production of organic cotton apparel is inexpensive

The cost of production is inexpensive because it not only removes dangerous and toxic chemicals, but also grows only natural cottonseed rather than processed cottonseed. Everyone knows the procurement cost of BT (or GM seeds) are more expensive and they need to use chemicals to make non-organic cotton resistant to pests and diseases. The lack of chemicals determines the use of storage facilities, which also increases agricultural costs.

Organic cotton apparel also makes people fully aware that everyone has a responsibility to help and protect the sustainable environment. Therefore, the organic cotton apparel is natural, healthier and it has cost-effective in the long term.

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