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Undershirts & Tank Top

Modal/Micro Modal Undershirts & Tank Top

Modal/Micro modal undershirts and tank top are one of our best sell products. Modal fiber is mixed with cotton and elastane, which have luxury soft hand feel, high level quality and natural character. It not only makes you comfortable fit, but also is eco-friendly and healthy. It's good for you to wear micro modal undershirts or tank top both relaxation at home and leisure time at outdoor.

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FAQs about Micro Modal Undershirts & Tank Top
  • How to wash my micro modal undershirts & tank top?

    You can wash your micro modal undershirts & tank top by hand or machine with 40℃. Hang dry or lower temperature tumble dry, low-temperature iron if you need; Do not breach and Do not dry wash.

  • Is micro modal tank top comfortable and durable?

    Yes, modal fabric have same breathable function as cotton fabric and it has more friendly for sensitive skin and it has much softer hand feel than cotton. Modal fiber clothing has the strong and toughness of synthetic fiber, dry strength 3.56CN/Tex, wet strength 2.56CN/Tex. Strength is higher than pure cotton.

  • Will micro modal undershirts shrink after wash?

    Not at all, micro modal undershirts won’t shrink after wash, because not only the feature of modal fiber is stable and durable, but also we have to make a pre-shrink process on modal fabric during production.

Is Modal a Good Fabric?

1. The materials of Modal fiber come from natural wood, which can be naturally biodegradable after use.

2. The size of Modal fiber is 1Dtex, while the fineness of cotton fiber is 1.5-2.5TEX and the fineness of silk is 1.3Dtex.

3. Modal fiber soft, smooth, bright color, fabric feel extremely soft, bright cloth surface gloss, drapery is better than the fabric made of cotton, polyester, rayon, luster and feel, is a natural mercerized fabric.

4. Modal fiber has the strong and toughness of synthetic fiber, dry strength 3.56CN/Tex, wet strength 2.56CN/Tex. Strength is higher than pure cotton, polyester, cotton, it’s good to reduce the broken head in production.

5. Modal fiber’s hygroscopicity is 50% higher than cotton fiber, which makes Modal fiber fabric can stay dry and breathable. Is the ideal close-fitting fabric and health clothing products, which is good to the physiological circulation and health of human body.

6. Modal fiber compared with cotton fiber, has good shape and dimensional stability, so that the fabric has natural wrinkle resistance and ironing, so that wearing more convenient and natural.

7. Modal fiber dyeing performance is better and after many times of washing still maintain bright as new, and thorough moisture absorption, color fastness is good, compared with cotton, wearing more comfortable, not easy to fade out. Therefore, the fabric will keep bright in color, stable in wear performance after 25 times of washing. And Modal fiber fabric on the contrary, the more wash the softer, the more wash the more beautiful.


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