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Benefits of Wearing Modal Fabric T-shirt

Some refer to it as underwear fabric, while others simply see it as an eco-friendly textile choice. Either way, modal has completely transformed the fashion industry with its lightweight, elastic, and breathable properties, using beech tree pulp to create sustainable and durable clothing and home goods.

How do modal fabric T-shirt comes about?

Modal fabric T-shirt is a bio-based textile made from spun regenerated cellulose produced from beech trees. Modal is typically considered a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton because beech trees require less water to grow, resulting in 10 to 20 times less water used during production. Although the material is plant-derived, the production process involves soaking the fabric in chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide, categorizing modal as a semi-synthetic material. Modal is a type of artificial silk fabric, but is typically more durable and softer to the touch, like cotton.

What are the benefits of wearing modal fabric T-shirt?

Modal is considered a luxurious textile, often used in blends with other fabrics to give a light, soft feel that exudes sophistication. It is very popular among eco-conscious fashion designers.

  • Elasticity: Modal's flexibility makes it an ideal choice for items like T-shirts and athletic wear.

  • Softness: Modal fabric T-shirt has an incredibly soft touch, often used for sheets, pajamas, and underwear.

  • Breathability: Modal is great for both activewear and everyday clothing, due to the fabric's weave being incredibly breathable.

  • Absorbency: Modal has a 50% higher absorbency than cotton, with microscopic pores on the inside of the fabric that absorb any water or sweat it comes in contact with.

  • Durability: Modal is very durable due to its tight weave and long fibers, making it ideal for frequently used clothing and home goods.

  • Curtains well: Similar to artificial silk and other silk substitutes, modal fabric T-shirts drape beautifully, making them an ideal choice for clothing and decor.

  • Eco-friendly: Modal is made from regenerated plants and uses fewer chemicals in the production process than other types of synthetic silk.

  • Doesn't pill: Modal fabric T-shirt resists pilling, with a smooth surface that is great for everyday wear and use.

  • Fast coloring: The fabric absorbs dye quickly in warm water without bleeding during wash cycles.

  • Doesn't shrink: Unlike many forms of synthetic silk, modal has a much lesser likelihood of shrinking during wash cycles.

  • Biodegradable: Modal is completely biodegradable.

  • Wrinkle-resistant: Modal fabric T-shirt resists wrinkles, requiring minimal ironing to stay smooth.

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