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What Are the Reasons for Buying Organic Cotton Underwear?

When it comes to garments or garments fashion, most people think of cotton first. Cotton rules the fabric world. Whether it is clothing, towels, clothing accessories, bedding, household items or medical dressings, you can find cotton on them. It is the largest crop planted in the world, occupying only 2.5% of the arable land. Organic cotton is one of the ethical and sustainable alternatives to conventional cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides, fertilizers or any other toxic chemicals. The benefits of organic cotton are numerous.

Ⅰ. The advent of organic cotton underwear

Cotton and cotton blends are the most commonly used fabrics for underwear, undies and leisure wear. There are more and more underwear brands started to use organic cotton as their preferred fabric. That's because there are many benefits to wear organic cotton underwear. Organic cotton can make underwear breathable, soft, moisture absorption and sweat releasing, in the meanwhile, it also meets ethical and environmental requirements. So why buy organic cotton underwear?  What are the benefits to wear it?

Ⅱ. What are the reasons for buying the organic cotton underwear?

1. No harmful ingredients. Organic cotton does not use genetically modified seeds, it uses very few chemicals and pesticides. As a result, the organic cotton full briefs made from it does not contain any of these harmful chemicals that are harmful to us and the ecosystems where crops grow.

2. The highest certification. Organic cotton underwear is made according to the moral rules and it is very safe. Manufacturers must adhere to strict standards. Our organic cotton products have authenticated by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). GOTS is the world's leading authentication of organic fibre textile processing, which takes into account ecological and social standards.

3. Avoid skin sensibility. If you have allergies or chemical sensitivities, organic cotton underwear will be suitable for you as it does not retain any harmful chemicals. Even if you don't have any skin sensibility, this fabric will also make your skin feel comfortable.

4. Super comfortable. This organic fabric is softer than conventional cotton. The organic cotton picking process preserves the length of the fibers, therefore it makes the material softer. Organic cotton underwear also uses more natural dyes that are skin-friendly. It is a highly breathable, moisture absorption and sweat releasing material that makes your underwear very comfortable to wear.

5. Organic cotton underwear reduces bacterial growth. Cotton is known as one of the most breathable fabrics. Organic cotton has all the air permeability without any toxic chemical residues. Many synthetic materials can absorb water in your groin area and cause a variety of bacteria to grow. Organic fabrics have antimicrobial properties and are more likely to reduce bacterial infections than synthetic blends or conventional cotton.

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