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Absorbency and Antibacterial Properties of Sustainable Bamboo Clothing

The more we learn about bamboo, the more we discover why we love it. It adds elegance and tranquility to the garden. Now we use bamboo to be processed and spun into yarn, made into fabric, and finally made into clothes. Sustainable bamboo clothing is very soft, breathable, temperature regulating and antibacterial. Not only that, bamboo does not need chemical pesticides and fertilizers to thrive. You can keep harvesting mature bamboo forests without replanting or using toxic defoliants.

1. Absorbency of sustainable bamboo clothing

Bamboo fibers have certain advantages over cotton fabrics that sometimes seem too good to be true. But for anyone who has slept in bamboo sheets, used bamboo towels, or worn bamboo socks, shirts and underwear, the benefits are undeniable. In addition to softness and temperature regulation, the water absorption of bamboo makes it more comfortable and amazing. This is most evident in the moisture-wicking bamboo socks and the bamboo towels.


Sustainable bamboo clothing produced by bamboo t shirt manufacturer is easy to dry due to its good water absorption. We usually hang our clothes, sheets and towels on racks to dry. When the wind is blowing on a sunny day, sustainable bamboo clothing will dry in a few hours.

2. Antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties of sustainable bamboo clothing

Whether it is clothing made of bamboo fiber or socks that are prone to stinking, because this eco friendly clothing wholesale have unique physical antibacterial properties, they are deodorant. This seems to be something everyone appreciates. If you forget to bring enough clothing while camping or traveling, you may wish your clothing was made of bamboo fiber, since you can actually wear it two days in a row without discomfort. This is why bamboo fiber clothing is loved by more and more people.

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