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Benefits of Using Modal Clothing

Understanding Modal Clothing

Modal is an extremely comfortable and surprisingly lightweight fabric that remains one of the best choices for underwear. Modal is a luxurious textile commonly used in blending with other fabrics to create a lightweight and soft feel that gives a high-end feeling. Modal clothing is very popular among eco-conscious fashion designers. This top-tier fabric is a semi-synthetic fabric spun from beechwood chips, which is a completely sustainable source. The natural components of Modal fabrics make them breathable and suitable for close-fitting wear.

Benefits of Using Modal Clothing

High breathability

The lightweight Modal clothing allows more air to permeate between your skin and the fabric, allowing your body to release excess heat during exercise. This is one of the important features offered by Modal compared to other fabrics.

Excellent moisture-wicking properties

Modal is also renowned for its moisture-wicking properties. The microscopic structure of Modal fibers provides 50% higher water absorption than cotton. It has the ability to absorb water or sweat that comes into contact with it. This fabric can quickly evaporate trapped water or sweat, making Modal fabric the perfect fabric for active individuals. Unlike synthetic fiber fabrics made from polyester, Modal underwear has high moisture-wicking properties, avoiding sweat and odor retention.


Flexibility or stretchiness is one of the most important features of underwear structure. Flexible underwear minimizes friction between skin and fabric, eliminating abrasion and a host of other potential health problems. The silky texture of Modal underwear makes it more suitable for close-fitting wear. Blended with a small amount of spandex or elastane fibers, can further enhance its stretchiness and comfort.


Modal fabrics have extreme wear resistance that other cellulose fibers do not have. Even after frequent washing, it does not deform, making it one of the best materials for making underwear.

Environmentally friendly

Modal uses European beechwood pulp regeneration fibers and does not use any synthetic materials. In addition, compared to other types of regenerated fibers, the manufacturing process uses fewer chemicals, making it one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics in the world. The processing of this fabric is also sustainable because it is made from completely biodegradable cellulose. Modal clothing is sustainable, with beechwood fiber yield being ten times that of cotton, and water consumption in a typical cotton field is 20 times that of beechwood.

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