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What Makes Modal Fabric Clothing Different from Other Fabric Clothing?

As a variant of artificial silk, Modal fabric has many similarities with cotton, viscose, and lyocell fabrics. The differences between them are subtle, and most of them are related to their structures and environmental impacts.

Modal fabric clothing is more comfortable than cotton

Although cotton is usually the standout choice for moisture-wicking fabrics, Modal can actually prove to be a better choice by providing more absorption. Because of this feature, no matter how much sweat you have to deal with all day during summer, you can feel more comfortable. Modal fabric clothing is also more effective in keeping your body dry than cotton garments, making it a more comfortable choice for work, home, and everything in between. The structure of beechwood pulp also provides more breathing space for these clothes.

Modal fabric clothing is more environmentally friendly than cotton. Modal fabric clothing is developed using sustainable methods that help keep the environment safe. Additionally, their methods result in fibers that are ten times greater than cotton. Therefore, the company can make more profit through Modal while also helping Mother Earth. This fabric is often used to highlight other fabrics such as cotton, spandex, and Lycra. It adds more strength and flexibility to their structures, making Modal fabric clothing last longer. They can better resist shrinkage in this way. Moreover, Modal fabrics also enhance the hygiene factor.

Modal fabric clothing is stronger and lighter than viscose fibres

Despite the fact that the production of viscose fibers and Modal fabrics follows a similar process, the latter is shown to be more durable than the former. This is because the processing of Modal fabric clothing differs once spinning is completed. Therefore, the long fibers are more solid than viscose fibers. Additionally, the fabric becomes lighter and finer because of the increased molecular arrangement of its stretchy texture. This makes it easier for wearers to dry Modal fabrics compared to viscose fibres.

Modal fabric clothing is as soft as wool

The feeling of Modal fabric clothing against your skin will be similar to the feeling of wool or silk. However, you won't want to scratch the covered area, which is a persistent issue for many wool enthusiasts. So go ahead and enjoy the soft, smooth material of Modal fabric clothing, which complements your velvety skin.

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