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What Are the Characteristics of Modal Fabric Clothing?

Introduction of Modal Fabric Clothing

Modal fabric clothing is a type of textile made from semi-synthetic polymers that is commonly used to produce high-quality underwear and fashion. It is a type of artificial silk, a regenerated cellulose fiber, such as viscose fiber, acetate fiber, cuprammonium fiber, and lyocell fiber. Modal is a type of artificial cellulose fiber similar to viscose artificial silk. Modal production involves dissolving high-quality cellulose extracted from plants or wood. Modal is the second generation of artificial cellulose fibers. It is an improved version of viscose fiber with higher toughness. It is more durable, flexible and robust when wet, but more expensive than viscose or cotton.

Many people don't know the truth about Modal Fabric Clothing, how it is produced, its advantages, and its impact. Clothing brands promote Modal as an environmentally friendly material. Modal fabric has a luxurious look and a soft, comfortable feel. Modal fiber is usually produced from cellulose long fibers made from wood pulp. Although it is made from natural and renewable raw materials such as wood pulp, modal fabric is a semi-synthetic fiber textile.

Characteristics of Modal Fabric Clothing

Micro modal clothing is a synthetic material with unique properties. It looks and feels luxurious like silk, comfortable, soft, and lightweight. Modal fibers are very comfortable to the touch. They have absorbency and quick-drying characteristics. Also, they can resist moths and mold.Modal fabric clothing has good draping and hanging properties. They have excellent wrinkle and pilling resistance, multiple gloss and color options. Modal is breathable and durable, making it an ideal material for everyday wear and sportswear.

Some of the best advantages of Modal Fabric Clothing are high comfort and softness; luxurious look and feel; good pilling resistance; good wrinkle resistance; good elasticity and tensile strength; good resilience; good durability; moth and fungus resistance; low allergenicity; breathability; lightness; quick drying; and easy to clean.

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