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The reason why bamboo viscose fiber is widely used to make clothing and home textile items. The clothing made of bamboo viscose fabric is not only extremely comfortable and soft, but also has cool feel, breathable, with a silk feel and draping sense. It has advantages of odor-resistant and anti-bacterial effects because it is difficult for bacteria to reproduce on bamboo fiber. 

Bamboo is grown in the wild which do not require any fertilizers or pesticides. They are truly organic materials that are environmentally sustainable and positive for our health. It is one of the best materials for making underwear, home wear and sportswear.

Styles Of Bamboo Viscose Clothing

What is Bamboo Viscose

As its name "viscose", there are bamboo viscose, eucalyptus viscose, sugarcane viscose, and beech viscose. all these fibers are produced using similar processes. Bamboo viscose fabric products are made from bamboo "viscose".

After bamboo viscose is extracted from the bamboo plant, it is dissolved in dilute sodium hydroxide to produce a slurry. To make the fiber sufficiently sticky, a ratio of 10-15% bamboo cellulose to 3-5% sodium hydroxide is needed. The solution will undergo multiple fermentation, filtration, degassing. After that, it is fed into a spinneret nozzle and diluted with sulfuric acid through a large container. At this point, the viscose becomes hard. It will then be converted into bamboo filament. After much of the viscosity is removed, the fibers are spun into yarns. The yarns will be knitted into the fabric.

Most of the bamboo plants are grown, bamboo viscose fiber fabric is processed and produced in China.




Why Bamboo Clothing?

Viscose bamboo is durable, stable and firm as a material. It doses odor resistant because it has the feature of antibacterial, which the bacteria doesn't do well in bamboo material and it's very absorbent and breathable. Because of its antistatic feature and luxuriously softness, it is very pleasant to use, and it's suitable for users with sensitive skin and it is non-allergenic and biodegradable.


Compared with traditional fabric, bamboo fiber fabric is very different. It has many unique features in its own quality and finished product performance. The bamboo clothing of Peony & Buyoh Co., Ltd. has the following advantages:

1. Fine and smooth

Bamboo viscose fabric has fine compactness and natural smoothness. Hand feels very smooth and delicate, like silk and satin.

2. Breathable and hygroscopic

As a kind of plant fiber, bamboo viscose fiber itself has good air permeability. When made into bamboo viscose fabric, the fabric is covered with small holes, which help the fabric to breathe and absorb water. Therefore, bamboo clothing has strong air permeability and moisture absorption.

3. Anti-bacteria and odor resistant

This characteristic is proved through experiments, bamboo viscose fabric not only does not breed bacteria, but also can kill the spread of bacteria, very healthy.

4. UV resistant

Bamboo fiber has a strong resistance to ultraviolet radiation, strict control of ultraviolet radiation into, which is scientifically proven.

5. Beauty care

This characteristic is also the characteristic of bamboo itself, bamboo deodorization, insect prevention, mite removal, has natural medicinal value, long-term consumption of bamboo fiber products can be beauty and health care.

6. Warm in winter and cool in summer

This item is related to the natural cooling and air permeability of bamboo viscose fiber. In summer, it is cool to prevent the heat, and warm in winter, which it is comfortable.

7. Environmental friendly

Bamboo fiber is a kind of pure plant fiber, does not involve chemical products, green and natural, bamboo itself grows fast, planting area is wide in China, regeneration ability is strong, energy saving and environmental protection.

8. Comfortable and beautiful

Bamboo viscose fiber fabric is high brightness, good dyeing effect, not easy to fade, coupled with its smooth and delicate, the clothing made in bamboo viscose looks very beautiful.

FAQs about Bamboo Viscose Clothing

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