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Modal Fabric Clothes that Don't Shrink or Pill

What is Modal Fabric?

Modal is considered a semi-synthetic fabric because its raw material (cellulose) is a naturally occurring substance found in the cell walls of plants. Modal fabric is produced by spinning this cellulose from beech trees into fabric, primarily used for clothing (such as sportswear and sleepwear), but also frequently used for household textiles (such as sheets and towels). While Modal is a form of synthetic silk, it is typically more durable and has a smoother overall feel than the standard version. In addition to being resistant to shrinkage or pilling, Modal is designed to not fade over time, even with extended washing or wearing.

How is Modal Fabric made?

Although Modal was initially developed in Japan in the 1950s, it is now primarily produced by the Austrian company Lenzing AG (which also owns the trademark for the fabric). The manufacture of Modal centers around harvesting beech trees; advanced purification systems convert the tree's wood pulp into cellulose, which is then transformed into the fabric itself. Once the beech trees are collected and shredded, the reconstituted cellulose is extracted from the pulp and spun into fibers. After bleaching, washing, and drying, these fibers can be woven into your favorite t-shirt or new pair of leggings.

Effects of Modal Fabric Clothing

Modal fabric clothing has a good drape. Modal fabric can be knit or woven, but either method gives it a shiny appearance and good drape. Like synthetic silk and other silk substitutes, Modal has a beautiful drape in any number of styles. Now more than ever, Modal is being used in dresses, jumpsuits, and playsuits to create relaxed, body-conscious styles for all body types.

Modal fabric clothing does not wrinkle, shrink or pill. Modal does not wrinkle, shrink or pill, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear. Unlike most synthetic silks, Modal is much less likely to shrink in the wash and is less prone to pilling, so this is true for many knitted fabrics. Additionally, Modal can resist wrinkles and requires minimal ironing to remain smooth, making it perfect for frequent travelers.

Will Modal clothes shrink in the dryer? Unlike other forms of synthetic silk, the Modal clothes is much less likely to shrink in the dryer. To avoid shrinkage, it is recommended that you hang Modal clothing to dry, or if you prefer to use a dryer, use a lower temperature setting.

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