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Good Dyeing Effect and Tear Resistance of Modal Fabric Clothing

By using modal blended fabric, the nature of this product improves the way other materials operate. Due to its high absorbency, it is very suitable for hygiene-related products, including medical supplies. This material can incorporate the strength of cotton during blending to resist shrinkage over time, while increasing the product's strength. Modal even blends well with Lycra and spandex, making stretch properties more flexible and strong. So what are the advantages of modal fabric clothing?

Ironing of modal fabric clothing

Some modal fabric clothing may wrinkle excessively during washing, even if you clean the textile by hand. The weaving and construction of the material often create bundles, leaving creases in the material. You can use an iron to correct this problem, but you need to work on the other side of the material to create a shine. It helps to sandwich a piece of cloth between the modal fabric and the iron to prevent fiber burning in the material. Once overly heated, burned modal cannot be restored.

Good dyeing effect of modal fabric clothing, without excessive bleeding

Modal fabric clothing can be machine-woven or knitted, which is why it often has good drapability and a shiny, smooth finish. Because of its excellent absorbency, the fibers tend to absorb and retain dyes used to create colors for clothing very well. This material rarely bleeds during the cleaning process, even if the item is new and has never been washed before.

You can wash modal fabric clothing with clothes made of similar colors and the majority of modal fabrics will not affect other clothes, but you should consider what effect these items may have on modal fabric clothing. The absorbent characteristics mean it can absorb dyes released from other items during washing cycles.

Modal fabric clothing is not easy to tear

Although modal fabric clothing is not as durable as tear-resistant nylon and other materials, you will find that this fabric is very stable. It is able to maintain an active lifestyle with your family and explore the world with your children. Because the material can resist damage in most cases, compared with cotton or similar natural materials, you will find that the print and color remain brighter for a longer period of time.

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