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Modal/Micromodal Longjohns/Leggings

Leggings or longjohns made in modal/cotton/spandex fabric can not only be used as long underpants for winter wear, but also as home clothes for home wear. Modal fabric leggings can be used as pajamas, as well as fashionable yoga and sports pants. Especially the fabric blended modal, cotton and spandex, not only feel soft, breathable and comfortable, but also healthy and eco-friendly.

Men's Modal Longjohns/Leggings
Take Care of Modal/Micromodal Longjohns or Leggings

The following care instructions means to protect the modal/micromodal Leggings or Leggings from twist and damage:


 Hand wash or Machine wash with 40 ℃


 Low temperature iron on reverse


 Do not tumble dry


 Do not bleach


Do not dry cleaning

Notes: No mix washing with clothes of different colors

FAQs about Modal/Micromodal Leggings or Longjohns
  • How I take care of modal/micro modal leggings? Will it shrink after washing?

    Modal leggings doesn't have any special care. But it's more durable if you take care of it based on our care instruction. The modal fabric leggings won't shrink after wash because we have to make pre-shrinking process during fabric production.

  • Are modal fabric longjohns and leggings eco-friendly and durable?

    Many of our lonhjohns and leggings made in modal/elastane,micro modal/elastane, modal/cotton/elastane, which have nice cut,sewing and fit. The whole production process and process from wood pulp to fiber production, chloroxide-free bleaching technology is adopted, and the waste of raw material would be recycled and recovery, less water and energy consumption, significantly improve the ecological advantages of environmental protection.And highly durable after a lots of washes without fading and wrinkling.

  • When I can wear modal fabric leggings?

    Whatever you wear modal fabric leggings in dailytime outside or inside as underpants, or wear it for workout, yoga or running, modal leggings always give you amazing experience.

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