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The Modal Fiber of the Modal Product Series

Modal fiber, that is, high moisture modulus regenerated cellulose fiber, currently on the market Modal fiber brands are increasing, mainly from Austria, Taiwan, South Korea, Russia and other countries. Among them, Austria Lenzing company started earlier and the market is doing better. He produced Lenzing modal fiber has been popular in China for 5-6 years, and it is still in short supply and occupies most of the market in China. Our company is using the Lenzing modal fiber.

Production of Lenzing modal fiber

The raw material of this fiber is beech wood from Europe, which is first made into wood pulp and then processed into fiber through a special spinning process. The production process of this fiber is in accordance with ISO 9001. In order to meet the requirements of environmental protection, Lenzing uses natural production methods to produce fiber products with the highest standards.

Lenzing modal fiber propertiesHigh dryness and wet strength.

  • Low dryness and wet elongation.

  • High moisture modulus.

  • Best purity. Reduced swelling.

  • Reduction of water retention.

  • Improved stability of alkali.

    Good dye affinity.

  • Non-primary fibrillation/non-primary fibrillated structure.

The indicators differences between modal fiber and other fiber

Fiber PropertiesOrdinary viscose fiberModal FiberLyocell fiber

Fibre size/denominator


Moisture transfer 

strength CN/dtex

Damping depth %18-2012-1415-17
Wet strength %506085
Wet elongation %21-2313-1517-19
BISFA wet modulus3610

Hooking strength 


Original fibrillation




The better performance of Lenzing modal than viscose, cotton fiber 

Modal is a high wet modulus viscose fiber, which is produced from wood pulp fiber through a special process, is a natural fiber. Its dry strength is close to polyester, wet strength is much higher than ordinary viscose, luster, softness, moisture absorption, dyeing, dyeing fastness are better than cotton products; the fabric made of it shows a silk surface luster, with a pleasant soft touch and drape feeling and excellent wearability.

The characters of modal fabric

Modal clothes can be blended and interwoven with many kinds of fibers to bring out the characteristics of each fiber and achieve better taking effect. 

  • Modal fiber fabrics feel soft, drape well, comfortable to wear.

  • Modal fiber fabric moisture absorption performance, breathable performance is better than cotton fabrics, is the ideal intimate fabrics and health care clothing products, conducive to human physiological circulation and health.

  • Modal fiber fabric surface is flat, delicate and smooth, with the effect of natural silk.

  • Modal fiber fabric colorful, light amount, is a natural mercerized fabric.

  • Modal fiber fabric has stable taking performance. After 25 times washing with cotton fabric, the handfeel will be more and more hard, while Modal fiber fabric is just the opposite, the more washing, the softer and the brighter it is.

  • Modal fiber fabric has good garment effect, strong morphological stability, natural wrinkle resistance and non-ironing, making it more convenient and natural to wear.

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