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Bamboo Viscose Clothing

Bamboo is relatively new in the fabric industry. In the past two decades or so, the concept of making clothing out of bamboo has become popular. If you've never tried bamboo fiber clothing before, you might be surprised by its silk-like quality. Bamboo, with its natural softness and luster, has been the focus of fashion experts for many years. Whether it is fashion, or comfortable fit underwear and outdoor sportswear, bamboo fiber clothing has become the representative of a new generation of sustainable clothing.

1. What are the advantages of bamboo viscose clothing?

Ultra-soft: Thanks to the circular structure of bamboo fibers, there are no rough edges, creating an ultra-soft material that feels like silk. 

Suitable for all weather: Bamboo fibers have micro-pores that create ventilation to keep you cool in summer and keep your clothes fresher for longer. Moreover, bamboo viscose clothing also has temperature-regulating properties due to the fact that the cross-sectional fibers retain heat in winter. 

Moisture-wicking: Bamboo absorbs moisture quickly, keeping you cool on hot days.

2. Is bamboo viscose clothing sustainable?

Bamboo has many environmental benefits. Bamboo grows very fast, about 12 inches per day, and are naturally pest resistant, which means it can grow without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals. Harvesting bamboo does not kill the plants, bamboo can grow naturally, shoot from the roots, become new plants and quickly grow into mature bamboo within a few months. So bamboo is indeed very sustainable in the growing stage, and bamboo fiber clothing becomes a better choice in terms of sustainability.

3. Is bamboo viscose clothing good for the skin? Is it durable?

Bamboo is a great option for those with sensitive and allergic skin. Bamboo fiber clothing is naturally antibacterial and anti-odor, keeping you and your bamboo fiber clothing fresh for longer. Bamboo also has natural UV protection, making it ideal for those who are sensitive to the sunlight. The fabric is also hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin.

During the manufacturing process, bamboo fibers are embedded in the fabric. The fibers don't shed as easily as other natural fibers, but bamboo fiber clothes should be washed and dried at a temperature as low as possible. Try not to use a tumble dryer on high heat as this can cause your product to be easily damaged. With proper care, bamboo viscose clothing can be washed repeatedly without compromising its durability.

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