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What is the Difference Between Cotton and Organic Cotton?

1. The harm of traditional cotton to the environment

Cotton is the most popular fabric in the world. In order to meet the demand for clothing production, cotton growers use artificial methods and excessive use of pesticides to make cotton grow faster. Products made from this cotton are often rich in chemicals, which may cause skin allergic reactions.

Non-organic products grown with the help of chemicals and metals can also harm the environment. Pesticides affect soil and water, destroying natural resources and disturbing ecological balance in the process. Ordinary cotton will cause soil loss, which will further affect the cultivation of other crops in the field. This shows that the production of a normal cotton T-shirt is harmful to the environment beyond imagination!

2. The difference between organic cotton and ordinary cotton

There is a huge difference between ordinary cotton and organic cotton. Anyone who has used organic cotton products will find it difficult to return to use the regular cotton. The benefits of organic cotton are not just limited to product quality. The processing of ordinary cotton uses a lot of chemicals. In the manufacture of ordinary cotton, heavy metals, chlorine and chemical dyes are widely used. Even after the finished product is cleaned, the residues of these chemical substances still exist and may cause severe skin allergies. Some people suffer from skin problems such as eczema due to the use of ordinary cotton products. While organic cotton uses safer alternatives to chemical dyes and brighteners, natural or water-based dyes and peroxides for brightening and other safer products are used to make finished products. Organic cotton is softer, hypoallergenic, and has a long lifespan; but the most important benefit is to protect the ecosystem, reduce water waste, and ensure a safer working environment for farmers and manufacturers. Organic cotton is a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice to replace the ordinary cotton.

Conventional cotton cultivation starts with genetically modified seeds, which are modified to build resistance to pests, but as pests become stronger, more pesticides are needed. Organic cotton is made from natural seeds and does not use pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Therefore, organic cotton products such as organic cotton garments are safer for the skin.

Ordinary cotton is planted on the same soil over and over again, resulting in the decline of soil quality, nutrient loss, and unhealthy crops. Because these crops require more water, they need a lot of irrigation, resulting in waste of water resources. Organic cotton rotates from one type of soil to another. Nutrients can retain water for a long time, and the need for irrigation is small, which is conducive to healthier crops.

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