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How About Organic Cotton Knickers? How to Choose?

Nowadays, organic cotton knickers are very popular on the market. And many of people have wore the organic cotton knickers, which are more comfortable than other materials.

Ⅰ. How about organic cotton knickers?

Women's organic cotton briefs are very good. Organic cotton is a kind of pure natural pollution-free cotton, it is with ecological, green, environmental characteristics. The fabrics make of organic cotton are bright, soft feel and it has excellent bounciness, drapability and abrasive resistance; It has unique antibacterial and deodorant properties. Organic cotton is ideal for making underwear because it has an advantage over conventional cotton.

The significance of organic cotton underpants: Many girls have been suffered from gynecological diseases, the most common diseases is irregular menstruation, they will feel unexplainable anxiety, paralyzed in bed and depressed when the menstruation comes every time. The men will never understand this suffer pain. In fact, the culprit causing gynecological diseases is in the items you contact every day, it is knicker. The World Health Organization has issued a warning: 80% of women's gynecological diseases recur, it is related to the knicker. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose organic cotton ladies underwear.

Ⅱ. What are the methods to wash organic cotton knickers?

1. Put organic cotton knickers in cold water, you can dab it with laundry soap and wash it gently with your hands.

2. Wash the organic cotton knickers in cold water (in order to maintain the characteristics of organic cotton, try not to wash with warm water)

3. Wring out the water by hand, you can also use washing machine to do dehydration, hanging the knickers in the ventilated place to dry naturally after wring dry and dehydration to make it absorb sunshine indirectly.

Ⅲ. How to choose organic cotton knickers?

How can you tell whether it is organic cotton knickers on the market? The global Organic Textile Certification Standard (GOTS) aims to ensure the standardization of organic textiles from profitability, raw material, processing and final product packaging, so as to bring reliable products to the final consumer.

Women's organic cotton briefs containing at least 70% organic fiber textiles can be used as a basis for GOTS certification. All chemical dyes and additives must meet certain environmental and toxic physics standards. In the meanwhile, the materials of organic cotton knickers must be free of toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, and non-GMO products. The manufacturing must meet the environmental requirements and social standards and reach a dual system of testing with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements: field inspection and pesticide residue detection. In the selection, in addition to GOTS certification, using the non-toxic products, AZO tested environmental dyes and safe, but also to choose environmentally friendly ingredients, thereby leaving a green future to the world.

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