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Quality and Care of Modal Fabric T-Shirts

Modal synthetic silk, also known as High Wet Modulus (HWM) synthetic silk, was first developed in Japan in 1951 as an alternative to silk. But what is modal material? Modal is very similar to regular viscose synthetic silk fabric. However, it's also more durable, breathable, and capable of withstanding excessive moisture. Modal fabric is a "semi-synthetic" fabric, typically combined with other fibers to create soft and durable materials that draw the best performance from various raw materials. This gives modal fabric its silky-smooth texture, like a comfortable, breathable, and soft embrace, making it one of the more luxurious vegan fabrics out there. It's typically found in clothing from high-end sustainable clothing brands.

Characteristics of modal fabric T-shirt

One of the best characteristics of modal fabric T-shirts is their incredibly comfortable texture. They are soft, lightweight, flexible, and breathable. Like peace silk, modal fabric does not wrinkle, shrink, and has excellent drape. Modal fabric provides perfect stretchability but is also durable. Even better, you won't find that annoying pilling on your modal fabric T-shirts after lengthy wear.

Is modal fabric T-shirt high-quality?

Modal fabric T-shirts are more durable than cotton, more elastic than many other synthetic fibers, and can withstand repeated washing and drying cycles, making them excellent fabric for ethical sportswear. Or any twisted clothes. Modal fabric also has non-fading and comfortable properties, making it an ideal alternative fabric for producing organic bras, fair-trade sleepwear, and eco-friendly T-shirts.

Modal Care Guide: How to take care of your modal fabric T-shirt?

Modal fabric T-shirt can be washed and dried in the washing machine. However, be sure to check the washing instructions of the product as modal blends (with cotton and spandex, etc.) may have different requirements.

  • Wash in cold water. Pure modal can be washed at any temperature, but cold water is ideal. Unlike most synthetic silk, dry cleaning is not necessary.

  • Use an oxygen-based bleach. Chlorine bleach weakens the fabric, so it should be avoided during washing.

  • Tumble dry on medium-low heat. Be sure to immediately remove the item from the dryer - even when a little damp - to avoid wrinkling. Hang immediately.

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