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What Is Modal Fabric Clothing?

Modal fabric is a very high-end fabric that is generally used to make expensive clothing. So how much do you know about Modal fabric?

Is Modal fabric clothing good?

Modal fabric clothing is very good. Modal is a natural cellulose fiber produced by Lenzing, Austria. It is the essence of natural fiber plants grown in the beautiful Alpine region. It has better moisture absorption and softness than pure cotton, silk-like luster and elasticity. Modal fabric clothing is incredibly comfortable, refreshing and free, creating the latest high-end fashion for underwear products.

What are the advantages of Modal fabric clothing?

  • The softness of Modal fabric clothing is strong. Clothing made from Modal has excellent hand feel, especially smooth, and drapes much better than cotton. It is a natural, silk-like fabric that is particularly suitable for making close-fitting clothing.

  • Environmental protection. It is from the perspective of recycling. Modal fibers are taken from natural trees. Therefore, when they lose their value, Modal fabric clothing will naturally degrade in nature without the need for artificial treatment.

  • Modal fabric clothing has strong moisture absorption. Everyone knows that cotton materials have strong moisture absorption, but did you know that? The moisture absorption of Modal fabric is 50% higher than that of cotton fibers. This feature can keep the clothing dry and breathable, and Modal will have huge demand in some fields with high moisture requirements. Combined with its hygiene and comfort, it is the best choice as innerwear lining.

How to clean and maintain Modal fabric clothing?

  • Modal fabric clothing is suitable for water washing and not suitable for dry cleaning. When washing, it needs to soak immediately, and the soaking time should be controlled within 15 minutes, otherwise the dirt in the washing liquid will easily be soaked into the clothing again. When washing with water, use neutral or low-alkaline detergent, and do not use fabric softener.

  • Modal fabric clothing can be cleaned with a washing machine, and the water temperature should not be too high. It is better to use a hand washing method.

  • Due to the characteristics of the Modal fabric fiber, the fabric will become slightly hard when it meets water. It is better to wash it gently by hand or machine to prevent excessive friction.

  • After washing in the washing solution, use clean water to brush it clean to prevent washing liquid residue on the clothing, causing home textile products to turn yellow.

The maintenance method of Modal fabric clothing:

  • When wearing Modal fabric clothing, try to reduce friction, pulling, and wash it frequently;

  • After the clothing is washed, dried, and ironed, it should be folded flat;

  • Modal has strong moisture absorption, and it should be prevented from mildew caused by high temperature, high humidity, and unclean environment during storage;

  • Ironing requires medium temperature ironing, using less pushing and pulling to make the clothing naturally stretch and straighten.

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