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Modal/Micro Modal

Modal/Micro Modal Clothing

Modal is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber, made from European beech (beech- wood pulp- process to fiber), the modal fabric basic all is a natural material, no harm to the human body, eco-friendly, widely used in people's underclothes, modal fiber dry strength close to the polyester, wet strength is higher than ordinary viscose, the modal clothes have features of nature gloss, softness, hygroscopic, dyeing and dyeing colorfastness are better than pure cotton products.  

Micro modal clothing has a silky sheen, pleasant soft touch, excellent sense of pendant, and long-lasting durability.

Styles Of Modal/Micro Modal Clothing

Advantages of Modal/Micro Modal Clothing

ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTON PROCESS: In the whole production process of micro modal clothing and process from wood pulp to fiber production, chloroxide-free bleaching technology is adopted, and the waste of raw material would be recycled and recovery, less water and energy consumption, significantly improve the ecological advantages of environmental protection, is the best choice for environmental protection people.

SOFT AND DRY SMOOTH TOUCH: The smooth surface of micro modal clothing absorbs moisture more effectively than cotton, thus promoting the body's natural temperature regulation mechanism, leaving the skin feeling dry and comfortable all day long.

SKIN-FRIENDLY: Micro modal clothing is naturally soft and Skin-friendly, which provide lasting comfort. The modal fiber has smooth surface under the electron microscope, which gives the fabric a smooth touch and makes it feel smooth and comfortable even on sensitive skin.

GOOD AIR PERMEABILITY: Modal clothing has excellent moisture management function, helps regulate body temperature. Cellulose fiber comes from natural materials, and its unique microfiber structure can adjust the absorption and release of moisture, enhance the permeability of fabric, and promote the natural temperature regulation of human body.

GOOD COLOR FASTNESS: Original solution dyed fiber than traditional dyed fiber color more lasting bright, the modal fabric is not easy to fade out after many times washes.

DURABLE SOFT HAND FEEL: Modal fiber texture is soft, smooth, lasting. The smooth cross section of the fibers keeps the fabric soft and comfortable even after repeated washing. As compared with polyester and synthetic fibers, modal clothes are less likely to form a wet environment on which bacteria can live, thus effectively inhibiting bacterial growth and making sanitary conditions better.

Modal/micromodal VS cotton, which is better?

Modal/Micro modalConventional Cotton
Where are they from?Modal is man-made viscose which is created from the pulp of beech treesCotton is a natural fiber which is produced from the woolly bolls of the cotton plants
Eco-friendlyBiodegradable fiber, the integrated plants combine wood pulp and fiber production processes, using renewable energy from the wood pulp workshop to produce fiber in an environmentally friendly way, and recycling surplus ingredients for other by-products to make the entire production process more environmentally friendly.Total biodegradable fiber, but it consumes a lot of water and uses some chemical stuff during cotton growth and production of dyeing.
Durabilitythe colors of micro modal clothing won't fade out and it keeps extremely soft after many washesThe color will fade out a little bit and the hand feel will get stiffer after a lot of washes
Softness&SmoothnessModal clothes are extremely soft with smooth touch and feelVery soft, but it would be a bit stiff after washing a lot
Sense of pendantModal fabric looks thin, silky and drapes well. It feels soft and stretchy without elastane doesn't have a good sense of pendant
BreathabilityModal fiber has nice performance of breathable, which is much better than other synthetic fibers such as polyester, polyamide, etc.The fabric is made of cotton as natural fiber which has much better breathable than almost all other fibers including man-made modal fiber, especially synthetic fibers.

Why Modal/Micro Modal Clothing

The production process of micro modal clothing uses about 10-20 times less water and there are fewer chemicals used in the production process than with other types of rayon, furthermore, the fibers are extracted from by an environmentally responsible integrated pulp-to-fiber process, which is self-sufficient in energy and recovers co-products from component parts of the wood. 

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