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The Role of Environmentally Friendly Clothing

1. The concept of environmentally friendly clothing

Environmentally friendly clothing refers to the clothes that use natural fibers as raw materials, use harmless chemicals and pigments for printing and dyeing, and strictly control the use of formaldehyde residues, halogenated dyeing carriers and other harmful substances, and eliminate the use of 22 carcinogenic intermediates and corresponding more than 100 fuel additives, coatings and more than 10 kinds of harmful heavy metals.

2. The role of environmentally friendly clothing

Experts believe that environmentally friendly clothing refers to clothing that has undergone toxicological testing and has corresponding signs. These signs strictly restrict a wide range of toxic and harmful substances contained in clothing, ranging from pH, dye fastness, formaldehyde residues, carcinogenic dyes, harmful heavy metals, halogenated dye carriers, special odors and other chemical irritants and pathogenic factors. And there are regulations on flame retardant requirements, safety, physical irritation, etc., so it covers a wide range. There are 22 kinds of carcinogenic aromatic amine intermediates involved in dyes alone, and more than 100 kinds of corresponding dye auxiliaries, coatings, etc. More than 10 kinds of heavy metals are also involved.

The role of environmentally friendly clothing is manifested in many aspects. For example, the production process of its fabric can avoid the emission of sulfur-containing toxic gas and waste liquid to the environment; the solvent used in spinning production can be 100% recycled and reused; reasonable and scientific selection of harmless chemical agents and pigments for human health, and the control of harmful substances so as to achieve a virtuous cycle between nature and humans, technology, and so on.

The introduction of green environmental protection into fashion as a design concept began in the 1980s. In February 1997, at the ready-to-wear exhibition held in Dusseldorf, Germany, environmentally friendly clothing was displayed for the first time, and fashion environmental protection awards were awarded to promote the concept of green environmental protection to a new height, so that environmental protection, leisure, and health have become a worldwide language.

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