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Micro Modal Fiber

Modal fiber (modal) is an improved viscose fiber, which has a higher degree of polymerization, and the durability of the fiber (such as strength, wet modulus, dimensional stability, alkali resistance) is therefore improved.

The fineness of ultra-fine modal is 1.0 dtex-0.3dtex. The difference between it and ordinary fibers lies in its high fineness, uniform staple length, and high purity. It is different from other fibers, especially cotton, silk, hemp, and polyester fibers. The use of polyacrylonitrile fiber and polyamide fiber will show better wearing performance.

The fiber has high whiteness, so its cost of scouring, bleaching and finishing is low. It has good dye absorption properties, ensuring uniform dyeing of fibers and bright printing effects. The fabric of glossy fiber has a silky luster, and its appearance exceeds that of mercerized cotton. Larger moisture absorption, faster moisture absorption speed and excellent moisture release performance, the smooth fiber surface can prevent the adhesion of dust and residual detergent. The fabric retains its soft properties and retains its vibrant colors after several washes. The fiber meets the requirements of the Eco-Tex100 standard, is physiologically harmless and biodegradable, and has special advantages for textiles that are in direct contact with the body.

Fine denier modal fibers meet the requirements of ECO-TEX standards, are physiologically harmless and biodegradable. It has special advantages for textiles in direct contact with the body, and the fine denier fibers endow knitted fabrics with comfortable wearing performance, soft hand, flowing drape, attractive luster and high moisture absorption. Because of this, many warp knitting and weft knitting factories have begun to use this fiber as a raw material for daily wear and pajamas, sportswear and casual wear, and it is also used for lace. The fabric has a particularly ideal effect when used with other close-fitting clothing, so that your skin can always keep dry and comfortable. Even after washing, it can still maintain a good water absorption and light and soft feeling, which is due to the smooth surface of the material surface, which avoids the intertwining of fibers during the washing process.

Ultrafine modal fibers have broad application prospects in weft knitting and warp knitting. Daily wear, pajamas, sportswear, casual wear and lace made of this fiber have good wearability, drapability and high hygroscopicity, which are superior to ordinary fibers and cotton knitwear. Many enterprises at home and abroad use ultra-fine modal fibers to develop and produce various products, and vigorously promote them to the market.

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